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The Idea

When military servicemen and servicewomen come home it is a huge shift and a lot of people don't have the support they need and end up unhoused and experiencing homelessness. So we are giving them the spotlight and help they need by sharing their stories and asking for you to join the fight.

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          Everyday it seems like I see more people saying that they are Veterans experiencing homelessness and each time my desire to help grows, but I don't know how. I wouldn't want to give money in case it is used for something other than food and clothes and needed resources. How can I tell the difference between the people who really need help and the people who are cons?

           I see the massive VA medical center with what seems to have an endless number of windows and assume it's helping all the Veterans in Colorado, yet as I did research I found that Colorado has the 7th highest homeless Veteran population in the US. This number was absurd to me. How can our huge hospital not help these people? This made me want to help. But how am I going to be able to help if something as expensive and expansive as the VA hospital can't. Then it came to me.


          By learning about the Veterans experiencing homelessness, teaching ourselves about the problems they face, and how they end up unhoused then, and only then, can we start to help. We all know someone who is serving or has served. Even though only around 5% of our population has served. This problem flows through all our hearts, so we need to be accountable for our knowledge. 

          My thought process is that everyone should be able to eat. I also know that, being a high school student there is a desire to help and fix problems in the world but we aren't of age and/or the money to do so. I also know that our society has a certain perspective of people experiencing homelessness: that they didn’t do anything for society. They haven't tried to help the community or themselves, but we can’t say this for Veterans. They have helped the NATIONAL community and yet they are still treated like the rest of the population who experience homelessness.

          I want to help educate the student population on this issue, to get them to learn more about the world around them and the problems they will be tasked with fixing before they face it head on. By educating this group of people, they will be able to use their knowledge to make the immediate and future decisions that need to be made. 


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To Learn

Learn more to Help more

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Information For Veterans

Links and resources for Veterans who are homeless, on the verge of homelessness, or who might just need a little help.

About Your Community

Each state has different needs and statistics. So learn more about your own community and how this population is at home.

Army Medals

Learn the Facts

Educate yourself on the who, what, when, where, why, and how. This growing population needs recognition so learn about the stats and facts in order to best help.


All Donations go to the Volunteers of America Colorado Mission.

Below are photos of one of our donation drop offs. You can't see behind the masks but the donation of food and clothing items was very greatly welcomed as donations are hard to come by during this hard time.

If you feel obliged after learning about this population in need to help, then you just need to click on the link which will send you to an Amazon Wish List full of items

***When you put the items in your cart there will be an option to ship them to a "Project Homefront" address, click that the make sure the food and clothing get sent to the Veterans***

The Stories

Hear the Stories

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Thank You Veterans & Active Members For Your Service


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In this documentary you will meet two veterans and hear about their transition and what they think is the most important piece of information for the community to know. You also get to learn about the problems that veterans face and the numbers behind them. By watching this video you have taken one step forward in helping this population that is greatly in need.


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About the Gold Award

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In this video I talk about the Gold Award as a whole. I explain all the requirements that go with completing the Gold Award: sustainability, individual work, larger focus on a community issue, national and global outreach, and much more.  

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